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    Rejuvenation of the body is impossible without preliminary purification of that filter blood. This is the liver, kidneys, lungs, etc. In recent years, many make the mistake of taking various vitamins, supplements that stimulate the immune system. But if there are parasites in the body, they took out part of stimulants. And if the person drinks them all the time, the colony of parasites growing faster than before taking stimulants. And in the end a man looks in the mirror, like a better look, but at some point suddenly occurs a stroke or heart attack or kidney stones formed.
     Such errors do many actors, singers, so much in recent years took great artists. How do you think of the following microorganisms most rapidly accelerate the aging process, sat down in the human body: bacteria, helminths (worms), viruses, fungi, protozoa?

    My long experience has convinced me that the beginning of the most terrible of human diseases (cancer, heart attack, stroke, hepatitis, and aging itself) gives ranked in the body of a fungal infection. No wonder people say "root disease".
     Of all these creatures have only fungal root system.
     Briefly explain why I came to this conclusion.

    Mold (fungal infection) is usually ingested with stale food or water. Root fungi are always in the digestive tract, because there is always food and liquids. Then the mold is launching its mycelium (filaments white or flesh-colored) inside the blood vessels (this gradually over the years, narrowing their lumen) and along the nerves (reducing their sensitivity), going directly into the subcutaneous layer and forming wrinkles or skin diseases.
     With the weakening of immunity fungi emerge on the skin to form moles and birthmarks, which are essentially a symbiosis of fungi and viruses. Any mole has its roots deep in the digestive tract.

    But serious illness started a few years and decades of living fungi in man. What then is so special fungus damage to young and middle age? The harm that their mycelia fungi create hiding places for bacteria, viruses, worms from attacking the cells of immunity.
Fungi secrete special substances that react with the cells of immune system, covered in slime. This mucus is the soft or solid form is a hotbed and a breeding ground for future bacterial, parasitic and other infections.
So what is lacking immunity to curb mold? As well as nuances in the way of life the most pernicious effect on his immunity?

    The biggest deficiency in the body of modern man- shortage of beneficial bacteria saprophytes. These soldier and eat slime and dead shells of mycelium, and other cells of the immune system is attacking the blood trapped in the fungal spores.
Bacteria - saprophytes have the strongest effect of purifying the whole body. Saprophytes translated as "eat the dead." I.e. Once in the body they eat the garbage that had accumulated in the liver, kidneys and blood vessels. Unlike parasites saprophytes do not eat any blood, no hormones and no other components of the organism.
     They live in the soil, and the body of humans and other mammals are not produced (as opposed to lacto-and bifidobacteria). Therefore, animals, eating grass, get them together with the land. It is for this reason that the animals safely drink water from puddles without harm to the immune system. Saprophytic colony quickly purify water already inside the digestive tract, aggressively attacking the dirt in the water.

    What a person can ruin (softer word does not fit the situation) your immune system? As the doctor said in a great Soviet film "The Equation of Love": spoon and fork, we dig the grave themselves.
You will most likely be surprised and almost certainly say that this is incredible, but the most harmful products for immunity, I think fresh fruit: fruit (especially) and vegetables. Let me explain why.
Each fruit contains a concentrate of phytohormones plant growth, due to which the seeds inside the fruit, grow quickly in the ground to take root. It is also rich fruits contain carbohydrates, fructose and other substances that give the food at the time the seeds of growth to take root.

    But the man - a protein substance, a person - not a plant. Plant growth hormones (phytosterols) to a person for anything, but these substances for fungi - manna from heaven! Thanks to him at once fungi are hormonal surge and grow further in the human body. Carbohydrates are the same and especially fructose are forced to provide immunity insulin.
     And insulin has two main functions. First: To strengthen the muscles, rejuvenation and purification of the vessels. But this is the case if the insulin in the normal way goes directly into the blood (no wonder bodybuilders inject insulin to enhance and better forms of muscles). Second: the neutralization of sugars and other toxins, but most of the insulin into the intestine and liver, while producing an autoimmune effect of scalding and drying fabrics. But it is known that the condition of the intestines - in this condition the skin. If the intestines dry up, then the skin will be the same.

    Every year in the end of May, there are graduation parties of schoolchildren. Look closely at their faces all on a beautiful selection of the girls and boys. Then look at the people who are about 30-35 years. Women are already struggling with wrinkles and other signs of aging, as most men, these signs are already actively manifested.

    Now let's look at the Japanese, Thai and Chinese. Their faces have been, and remain up to 50 years, virtually without wrinkles and signs of aging. Their markets are full of all the protein poultry, seafood and herbs. And very little fruit, in complete contrast to our bazaars. In this case Asians are able to work all day, no problems with fertility and the few people who are overweight.

    Do you think that is why the Bible Adam and Eve expelled from paradise after it had eaten an apple? And why the Bible says that earlier people lived 900 years, allegedly for? I believe that the essence of the parable about Adam's apple that when people began to agriculture and eat more fruit (cereals, potatoes, fruits, vegetables), then this is what was the biggest mistake of Man.

     This led to three developments:
1. Began a massive clearing for agricultural land (look at the airplane or on a map GooglEarth - most of the Earth is divided into squares of fields, ie, deforested).
2. A rapid increase in population of people (not healthy phytosterols stimulate the sex glands, quickly wearing out their).
3. People stopped eating those foods that made them healthy, cheerful and long-living.

    You may ask, what are those special foods and why is it suddenly people stopped eating them?
     Look again in the same window. What color is the area of ​​the Earth, free from the fields? That's right, green. And it is the green provides power to all other mammals.
The leaves, stems, grasses - those foods that do not have immunity for full protection against disease. Most likely you will follow a logical question: where do the leaves, when a person is 100% of the proteins?
     Green leafy vegetables contain three substances that are the main diet of beneficial bacteria such as lacto-, bifidobacteria and other bacteria (there are about 400 species): chlorophyll, folic acid and fiber.
The bacteria eat the greens, process it and thus get the biosynthesis of humus, that is, a complete set of protein amino acids, of which further the body builds muscle, skin, hair, nails, hormones, etc.

    Why people stopped eating greens? Because fruits, cereals, potatoes, flour, candy, etc. so much alter the sensitivity of the taste buds of language, that after they eat greens absolutely no desire. Well, except that only a few stalks of dill or parsley. But this drop in the ocean.

    When a person eats carbohydrates for many years, his bowels covered with solid slime. It envelops the papillae digestive tract through which substances are absorbed and settled between the good bacteria - this is their favorite place. So just go for the green power is small, it is desirable to first clean the digestive tract. But even if one starts to feed on untreated green, it still starts a self-cleaning organism.

    Probably, you may have thought: Is not going to slow and stupid like that cow in the meadow?
Eat grass and leaves, all animals except predators and domestic animals. Among them are different in temperament and active bull, and a large elephant, and a small rabbit. People eating greens, always notice the lightness in the body and clarity of thought.

     Pets have to have something that will give the owner, and the people feed the animals usually the same as yourself and eat. But see how the cat ran to the grass when it is released for a walk on the street.
Predators eat greens, but not much. They have genetically adapted organism so that they are waiting until the meat of the victim will rot by bacteria in the air and into the victim's body, and only then begin to eat it. Thus, the predators have adapted to the digestion of proteins without the aid of their own bacteria.

     Man will never be a stale meat, but in the body that does not have enough of its own flora in the intestine (called dysbiosis), proteins poorly absorbed. In ancient China was a penalty: one person per month were fed meat, and he died of a slagging body nitrogen (urea).

    You say UFF , how to eat alone greens? To rejuvenate enough to diet consisted of at least half of the protein foods (meat, fish, eggs, seafood, cheese, dairy products) and half - of the greens. The more greens predominate, the faster and more efficient to process of rejuvenation. There is up to you. And of course sometimes better to eat all he wants, including fruits - carbohydrates to shoot down the mouth. But always in the diet should prevail greens + protein.

    Greens very much and it tastes different: spinach, dill, parsley, arugula, seaweed, cilantro, tarragon, celery, basil, sorrel, and many different Italian, French and other herbs!
Greens perfectly preserved, frozen, dried. Therefore, power supply problems do not arise in the winter.
Greens fertilizes the ground (think of the field "a couple" who seeded green crops to restore the balance of the soil), rather than saps, as do all the cereal and fruit crops. Herbs growing in the forest, so you can plant a field of forests.
    In my opinion, the most important philosophical principle that helps a person to live happily, comfortably and aging: what's inside, then outside. I will explain its meaning.
Returning to the parable of the Adam's apple. When Adam and Eve tasted the apple, they have nowhere at once a sense of shame, and they covered themselves with fig leaves. That is, appeared an internal conflict, which has not been before. Why, what is the relationship between an apple and a shame?
     Communication is the most direct. When a person puts into his mouth products, from which the immune system immediately forced to defend himself (is the mechanism of insulin to protect from increased blood sugar, which come with an apple and other carbohydrates), the body appears uncomfortable. That is, the man himself by his actions created an internal conflict. And if there is a conflict inside, it is sure to be outside and in the form of embarrassment, conflict, turmoil in life.

     Diabetics (people who cannot produce insulin) know what will happen if they eat an apple or other products containing carbohydrates. After 20-30 minutes the sugar coma occurs, and if time does not give insulin, may lead to death. Usually people do not think about it and eat carbohydrates in large quantities.

    I noticed one very important relationship. People who've had great success in life through his work and abilities, the restaurant is mainly bought something a concentrated protein (seafood, oysters, dense meat, etc.) and fresh herbs. And never to order side dishes (carbohydrates).
I think that the person himself or intuitively understood, or someone suggested, but the food carbohydrates brings conflicts and failures in life.

    And why not? Philosopher's Law "that inside, and outside" triggered as soon as the person eats carbohydrates. After neutralization of sugars with insulin blood begins to actively deliver oxygen to the brain. Excess of oxygen slows brain activity, and the person begins to address emerging problems in life are not creative (i.e. from different sides), and one-sided. And later accumulation of wrong decisions leads to losses and failures in business, personal life. In this case the brain is constantly malnourished, as He eats not something sweet (as many believe), and protein-glycogen. This squirrel tails attached glucose, which receives and brain.

    Briefly about myself and the laboratory

    Konstantin Poludnitsin. Ph.D. Director and supervisor of the laboratory.
Early in my childhood I noticed that I could see human organs , where exactly a person had the disease ( sand, stones, cysts and others abnormalities ), and, more importantly, why a person experiences pain. And medical knowledge that I have received helps to clearly understand the causes of disease.

     To diagnose a person takes 5 -10 minutes. There is no need in the analysis, either in hardware measurements. The diagnosis of complete physical, with exact dimensions and location of changes in the organs.
     You can also make diagnosing the health of the photo.
Examples of diagnostics of famous people can be seen on our site on page diagnosis of health.

    Preparations for the rejuvenation I was doing in 1997. Recently, in a laboratory "Fluids" in Geneva. In production only natural components are used.
Much attention is paid to the quality of raw materials. For example, the beneficial bacteria are used only in Japan.
     Or if you want to get a plant from Africa, we get it through the U.S., as there is the best certification.
The success of rejuvenation is achieved by deep cleaning the body and then saturate the necessary beneficial bacteria, trace elements.
For more information about my method of rejuvenation can be found here.


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