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Famous People and their well-being. Diagnosis.

Here you can get acquainted with health and diagnosis reports of famous people whose names can be heard on every corner.
Diagnosis of the photographs made the X-ray man Poludnitsin Konstantin.

All diagnoses have been written with in simple medical terms to help reading and comprehension.
In the description of diagnostics are those entities in which the painful process of actively progressing and went beyond the age-related changes that are considered normal for a man of that age.
For example, sand in the kidneys in 30 years - is a disease, but in 50 years - the norm. Also in the assessment of deliberately made no mention of cosmetic surgery, because is a personal matter.

With regards to idols and politicians it is not wrong to know about their well being so as they determine our with you future.

The exact diagnosis of his health is always useful to know.
In the UK, from misdiagnosis die in the year to 70 thousand people in the U.S. estimated 50-100 thousand.
The results of postmortem data from four large hospitals in Moscow, showed that 21.6% of the cases the person died not from, from what he was treated. A high percentage of errors depends largely not on the perfection of the equipment or expertise of physicians, but due to the doctors of narrow profile who treat the patient.
For example, when the man complaints of at heart, his sent to cardiology, although the problem may be in the prostate gland or great stress. If a person has a herpes virus, the cause is usually the inability of the liver or kidneys to clean the blood.
Or when the patient have a stone in a kidney, the rather it should be treated with thyroid hormone which helps to dissolve their solid deposits.
Because of this narrow-profile, most people can not part for decades with appeared once more or less severe disease.
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Alla Pugacheva



Dmitriy Medvedev   Elizaveta Queen   Vladimir Putin   Madonna   Berluskony
Alla Pugacheva
  Dmitriy Medvedev   Elizabeth II   Vladimir Putin   Madonna   Silvio Berlusconi

AngelaMerkel   BarakObama   Bill Gates   Sarkozy   Donald Tramp  
Angela Merkel
  Barack Obama   Bill Gates   Nicolas Sarkozy   Donald Trump    
  Write to us the diagnosis of what of the famous people you would like to see here.

In the near future we plan to place the diagnosis of people whose pictures you see below.

Monika Bellucci   Pirs Brosnan   Jolli Anjelina   Smith Will   Oprah Winfrey   Brad Pitt
Monika Bellucci
  Pierce Brosnan   Angelina Jolie   Will Smith   Oprah Winfrey   Brad Pitt

Klooney Dj   Britney Spiers   Bruce Willis      
George Clooney   Britney Spears   Bruce Willis        
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