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As I wrote on the front page of all parasitic microorganisms in the human body the fungi is the fastest accelerating the aging process. No bacteria or helminths (worms) or viruses, or simply not able to so consistently and fully occupy all the inner space of human vascular.

Years of experience has convinced me that the beginning and the worst of human diseases (cancer, heart attack, stroke, hepatitis, and aging itself) also gives the body caught in a fungal infection.

No wonder people say "root disease". Of all these creatures have only fungal root system.

Briefly explain why I came to this conclusion. Mold (fungal infection) is usually ingested with stale food or water. Root fungi are always in the digestive tract, because there is always food and liquids. Then the mold is launching its mycelium (filaments white or flesh-colored) inside the blood vessels (this gradually over the years, narrowing their lumen) and along the nerves (reducing their sensitivity), going directly into the subcutaneous layer and forming wrinkles or skin diseases.

With the weakening of immunity fungi emerge on the skin to form moles and birthmarks, which are essentially a symbiosis of fungi and viruses. Any mole has its roots deep in the digestive tract.

But serious disease started a few years and decades of living fungi in man. What then is so special fungus damage to young and middle age? The harm that their mycelia fungi create hiding places for bacteria, viruses, worms from attacking the cells of immunity. Fungi secrete special substances that react with the cells of immune system, covered in slime. This mucus is the soft or solid form is a hotbed and a breeding ground for future bacterial, parasitic and other infections.

So what is lacking immunity to curb mold? As well as nuances in the way of life the most pernicious effect on his immunity? By reducing the immunity of human body in the first place loses its ability to self-cleaning. What immediately enjoy a variety of parasitic organisms.
They eat the waste products in the human body, but do form a more toxic wastes, uncharacteristic for the internal environment of our immune system. And when they are sucking the person has an allergy, dry skin, premature aging.

Is there a way out of this situation at a time when the immune system, for some reason weakened?

On this subject there is a remarkable parable.

Once a man had a dream that he was walking along the sandy shore along the sea and next to him - God himself. In the sky flashed scenes from the life of man, and after each one he saw in the sand traces of two chains: one - on his own feet, the other - from the feet of God.
But soon people noticed that when they are brought before the most difficult and saddest moments of his life, the sand turned out to only one set of footprints. - Lord, why have you forsaken me whenever I most need you? - Asked the man.
God replied: - I never left you.
You see only one set of footprints, where the most difficult moments of your fate I carried you on my arms.


So who can and able support the immune system in difficult times? It is my profound conviction are capable of only the beneficial bacteria saprophytes.
From the parasites they differ primarily in that, it just eat garbage and do not leave undigested solid residue (feces)
. These amazing organisms really like the gift of God, because they are its life activity to a strong immune system strengthening and preservation of youth.


The biggest deficiency in the body of modern man, namely deficit saprophytes. These soldier and eat slime and dead shells of mycelium, and other cells of the immune system is attacking the blood trapped in the fungal spores and cells of other parasitic organisms.

Bacteria - saprophytes have the most powerful cleansing our body effect.
Saprophytes in the translation of "eat the dead." That is Once in the body they eat the garbage that had accumulated in the liver, kidneys and blood vessels.
Unlike parasites saprophytes do not eat any blood, no hormones and no other components of the organism.

A typical representative of saprophytes is Escherichia coli. But unfortunately, in recent years this type of bacteria, more and more appears in the diet of genetically modified form. And modify it so that it becomes a function of the parasite. From genetically modified activity of E. coli produced a lot of mucus, excess of which in the human body is converted to the flu, colds and other such diseases. You may ask why its such a "bad" way to modify? One in five commercials on television devoted to the means of cold diseases. Not for nothing did the first living creature whose DNA code has been completely unraveled by scientists, was Escherichia coli.

Interestingly, saprophytes are not produced by the human body, in contrast to the lacto-, bifidus and other beneficial bacteria. They live in the soil, so wild animals can easily consume them together with grass and soil residues at its roots. It is because of the presence of large colonies of saprophytes animals quietly drink from dirty puddles with impunity, because saprophytes immediately attack the dirt in the water.


In the manufacture of the products we use bacteria made in Japan, as saprophytes, and other bacterial helper immunity. At the moment, only the Japanese understand the importance of saprophytes so that they are doing their industrial breeding, by the way, from the 70 years of last century.

What do you think of any place in the opinion of the Japanese strains of saprophytes were the most powerful and effective? From the soil of Eastern Siberia. Either because the land there the most distant from industrial centers, or because of different data is from the area of Yakutia, is the beginning of human civilization. Perhaps that is why there is the concept of "Siberian health".

Poludnitsin K.

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