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The duration of the course of cleaning the body  

     The course of cleansing the body continues in the adult average of 12–24 months.
Duration of cleaning depends on the age and health. The whole process is like from the bottom up.
    In the first third of the course intensively cleaned intestines, bladder, kidneys and liver.
    The second third is devoted to a greater extent emptying the stomach, spleen, pancreas, thyroid, and liver again.
    In the last third is already self–cleaning of the body with many times of increased populations of beneficial bacteria. During this period, an intensive cleaning of vessels of the body.

    During the cleansing occur in parallel two processes: The first–the actual cleaning itself of all the tissues of the body of accumulated materials and structures that are alien, impeding the normal course of immune processes. This is due to the dissolving properties of the components of the plants included in the preparations. These substances gently, gently and gradually dissolve all solid foreign deposits found in the liver, kidneys, bones, etc.
    Yet the most powerful cleansing effect have bacteria–saprophytes. These microscopic creatures feed on mucus, sand, stones, blood clots, fungus mycelium membranes that line the blood vessels and other slags. Saprophytes word means "to eat the dead." That is, Once in the body they eat the garbage that had accumulated in the liver, kidneys, blood vessels, etc.
    Unlike parasites, saprophytes do not eat no blood, no hormones and no other components of the organism. Interestingly, saprophytes are not produced by the human body, in contrast to the lacto-, bifidobacteria. They live in the soil, so the wild animals (as well as pets, for example, cows, etc.) can easily consume them together with grass and soil residues at its roots. Due to the large colonies of saprophytes in their bodies animals quietly drink from dirty puddles with impunity, because saprophytes immediately attack the dirt in the water. In laboratory preparations Fluids used saprophytes in Japan.

     The second process that occurs in man during treatment, is to saturate all the tissues of the body substances, micronutrients and beneficial bacteria.
For example, the production of the hormone insulin, which helps get rid of excess sugar in the blood, it is impossible without trace elements such as chromium, zinc, molybdenum, and tungsten. Or, for example, after taking antibiotics almost killed a useful intestinal flora to be restored.

    In other words, you can purify your body indefinitely, but if it does not return the body lost in the past year substance, the immune system is still not restored to the optimum.

    At saturation, the most difficult - is to make the necessary substances absorbed into the bloodstream and deposited in the bones. After all, the deterioration of absorbability of substances in the digestive tract - the main problem of slagging of the body. In this matter the best helpers are the beneficial bacteria.
    Useful flora - a few hundred species (yes, there's no mistake, there are about 400 species, and their total number in a person reaches a few trillion!) Bacteria, which are necessary for the absorption of most of the necessary substances. In laboratory preparations Fluids used lactobacilli and bifidobacteria are the Japanese and Australian production.
    Plants that make up preparations contain, in concentrated form all the necessary human immune organic matter and trace elements. Great value used by the plants is their sprouting in the cleanest places on Earth and therefore the absence of heavy metals and other contaminants.     Suppliers of plants are:
  • forestry enterprises, located in the upper reaches of the Amazon River;
  • monasteries located in the mountainous regions of Tibet, India;
  • Australian firms (herbs from Australia);
  • German and French firms supplying the plant from Africa (Africans themselves do not comply with the standards for collecting and storing unfortunately);
  • Chinese enterprises involved in the collection of herbs in the Chinese part of Tibet and the plains of China.
     A slide show depicts raw materials for drugs and partially finished products are stored in refrigerators
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    During the course of purification of human well-being gradually and steadily improving, there is lightness in the body. Exacerbation of chronic diseases and if there are, it is extremely rare (ie nonsense) and they are not connected with the process of purification, and with the use of low-quality patient food or excessive amounts of carbohydrates for 1–2 days before the exacerbation.

What exactly is a person receives a passing rate of cleaning your body?

     In the first 1–2 weeks of the course to normal sleep, it becomes a deep and full. Beginning with the third month, has the energy, through which till late at night a man full of energy. Around the middle of the course, most people forget about their illnesses and chronic pain or distress manifested only sporadically.
    In the presence of overweight patients, ranging from 3-4 months there is a uniform and smooth weight loss, and by the end of treatment a person's weight is normal or close to normal. The women, ranging from 2–3 months, raised and clearly increases the breast. This is achieved by strengthening muscles and improving ovarian function.
    Approximately 2–3 months with excess disappears craving for food and more, the amount of food eaten is reduced by 25-30%. This is due to, firstly, that the exit from the body of parasites (worms, trichomonas, etc.) more food now goes to the body, and second, saturating food preparations partially replaced by the content of trace elements and proteins. Also, the beneficial bacteria begin to rapidly produce amino acids from the inhaled air by man.
No wonder India is yoga, which can eat for months with only one air and water. This feature increases the immunity to the cleaning of the liver - that most perfect lab created nature.

    Sometimes the person taking the course clean, feel perfectly healthy, suddenly stops the course (so do somehow mostly men). A few months later the disease returned, and a person has to re-start the course. One little feeling of health, you need to build on the success and "pull the root of the disease."

     Here is an example. The patient came complaining of kidney stones, began to take a course treatment. Six months later, ultrasound showed no stones in the kidney, and the man stopped the course. A year later, stones were formed again. The man came back and had to start all over again.
    Why did this happen?
    Cleaning did not manage to get to the thyroid gland. But one of its hormones (triiodothyronine) has potent cleansing properties. Because of these properties is cleansed and thinning the blood, and the microparticles circulating in the blood vessels lose their ability to knit clots, sand and stones (similar to the way to home Domestos, which helps to wash away dirt longstanding). One of the procedures performed by a person on a daily basis during the cleaning process, is the evening drawing a grid of iodine in a certain pattern in different parts of the body. This gives a gradual saturation of the body with iodine, necessary for the production of thyroid hormones.

     In the course of 5-6 months younger man begins gradually, with clear signs of rejuvenation have less to do with weight loss (sometimes because the person losing weight age), and how much with a fresh complexion, tighten and shape posture, healthy luster eye, thickening hair, optimistic mood.
     When checking the blood from the middle of the course all parameters return to normal.

Composition-of-course treatment

     The kit includes not only powders and tinctures, and rejuvenating night cream for the face and neck, anti-cellulite cream for your body, hair oils, etc.
     Of the preparations with each 2-month cycle is changing.
If in the first months of receiving component is dominated by purifying preparations, the farther the ratio is changing in the direction of increasing the number of saturating plants and bacteria.
A standard set of products for cleaning the body in 2 months
     To take drugs is very simple, stirring them in a little drink. All procedures related to the reception, take 3-4 minutes daily. Components of products are:
  • 115 species of plants
  • shark cartilage (Australia)
  • Lump mummy (Tibet)
  • Several species of beneficial bacteria produced in Japan and Australia
  • Lecithin (is a key nutrient for the nerves accounting for 17% of the peripheral nervous system, and 30% of the brain)
  • Lutein (an essential substance for the eyes, which is extracted from the herb marigold (marigold)
  • sostav

        The raw materials used in all preparations, only buy from authorized vendors with the obligatory presence of a quality certificate. Plants used in preparations grown in different places on Earth: Tibet, Australia, the headwaters of the Amazon, Andes, South Africa. This is the cleanest places on our planet, the soil here are not in the structure of the impurity heavy metals into the soil with industrial sediments and absorbed by plant roots.

        Most plants have only the Latin names are rare and are growing in tight spaces, so call the most famous, with Russian names:

        1. Triphala (myrobalan)–Three plants from India, one of the most revered Buddha, so he always carried in his hand a sprig of haritaki - bush fruits like plum and our means "plant aspirating the disease." "Those who take Triphala for a year, get rid of all diseases, and live to a hundred years" - so says the ancient Indian scripture of Triphala. This is certainly an exaggeration, but Triphala in my view, very strong trio of plants.
        2. Shatavari –is the main female plant in Ayurveda..
        3. Ashwagandha–the main man of the same plant in Ayurveda.
        4. Cat's Claw–a plant that grows in Peru (South America), on the medical properties superior to Siberian ginseng, echinacea, etc.
        5. Ginkgo Biloba–"herb memory" herb that contains specific substances that increase the elasticity of blood vessels of the brain and contribute to their self-cleaning. By the way, this plant accounts for 1% of worldwide turnover of drugs.
        6. Fo-Ti – grass, considered to be in mainland China, the most effective for rejuvenating the human body.
        7. Sarsaparilla–a plant, healing almost all bacterial infections, including tuberculosis.
        8. Kudzu (Pueraria) –grass, recognized by both the U.S. and in Europe and in China as the most vigorous plant, with which you can really get away from alcohol and tobacco abuse. Surprisingly, this same plant cleans better than any women's ovaries and increases a woman's breast.
        9. Cordyceps–Mushroom, whose company "Tiens" tied for first place in Chinese medicine because of its strength and diverse positive influence on human immunity. In my ranking of cordyceps is a 7 spot.
        10. Suma –Amazonian vine, which the West calls "the Russian secret" for the successful application of its Russian Olympic team. Suma helps the body to restore the production of muscle cells.

        The use of drugs in an extract of shark cartilage provides a sufficiently rapid saturation of bone and cartilage of the person making preparations necessary veschestvami.Eto such useful elements as silicon, calcium, chromium, magnesium, etc. The extract of shark cartilage is one of the most effective natural remedies that can hold the growth of malignant tumors. Shark - one of the most physically perfect beings on the planet. Sharks live on Earth for over 300 million years, with virtually without change.
         The immune system of sharks is so perfect that their body successfully resists cancer, even when it is exposed to carcinogenic substances, usually causes the disease. The skeleton is composed entirely of shark cartilage, which accounts for 68% of its weight. In shark cartilage no blood vessels and, thus, no heavy elements can not get into the cartilage or stay in it. Shark cartilage is the main source of chondroitin sulfates and glucosamine, have been successfully used in treating arthritis and other inflammation.
        In laboratory preparations Fluids used an extract of shark cartilage production, Australia, is the highest quality shark cartilage from all manufactured in the world at the moment.

        In the total amount received on a daily basis about 3.5 grams of powder silnokontsentrirovannyh. This amount would be enough to fill the 8-9 major pharmaceutical capsules. But the drugs laboratory Fluids intentionally produced in powder form, as preparations are made for each individual person. In addition, the powders are easier to drink, than capsules and tablets, they are easily mixed with a little drink.

         Medications Fluids Lab certified as nutraceuticals Swissmedic Swiss Agency and the Japanese agency PMDA. Selling drugs is permitted in Switzerland and EU countries (excluding UK) and Japan.
    The cost of drugs - from 110 to 150 dollars a month.


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